Grease the pump regularly

Remove the pump piston and apply a soft general purpose grease (as per sample Castrol LM) to the (4) O rings in the pump piston and cap. When reassembling assure pump cap gasket is properly sealed.

Cleaning the air filter
  1. Remove the pump piston and unscrew the upper bracket bolt.
  2. Lift the bracket and turn it sideways to expose the push-on filter
  3. Remove and rinse with water
Replacing the Pump

The pump must be replaced when it is no longer functioning effectively. With the unit disassembled as above, remove the side panels and unscrew the lower bracket bolt. Pull out the press fit vacuum pipe at the elbow by gripping the elbow and pulling the vacuum pipe downward. The pump can now be removed and the pressure and vacuum pipes refitted to the new pump.

Cleaning the Adaptors

Clean the adaptors with a cotton bud and soapy water

Pull cord

Use only (40kg) breaking strain (light gauge) lubricated polypropylene twine

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