What is the Wiremate Wizard?

The new internationally patented Wiremate Wizard is a hand operated pull cord/fishing system. Developed within the electrical installation industry, the unit is light weight and user friendly. It utilizes a hand pump and shuttle system together with a range of transparent, self/adhering conduit adapters to greatly reduce the time and effort required for the job.

The unit includes a carry handle and bag and comes with 1kg (approx 900 meters) x 40kg breaking strain, lubricated pull cord. The flexible hose supplied with the system is split, allowing for a section of ordinary 20mm pvc conduit to be spliced in, so enabling operation in hard to reach places such as the underside of ceilings etc.

The dual action hand pump, is easy and inexpensive to maintain and to replace when required. The polypropylene pull cord is cost effective and acid resistant.

What is the Wizard used for?

The Wizard replaces the fish tape for most applications and can install pull cord in 20mm and 25mm pvc conduit in excess of 50 meters with 4x90 degree bends

For heavier loads, 2 pull cords may be drawn in simultaneously (distance capability will be reduced). Alternatively, the pull cord can be used to draw a fish tape into the conduit.

In addition to its use as a pull cord system, the Wizard is useful for locating conduit runs, and for blowing water and grit etc out of conduits under positive pressure (when it is safe to do so) before the drawing in of electrical cables, so reducing the likelihood of damage to the wiring by such impurities.

What are the benefits of using the Wiremate Wizard?

Important benefits are time saving and ease of operation. The system needs no external power source, and the operator has full controll since progress is visible thanks to the unique transparent adapters which also receive and retain the pull cord. Wiring jobs can now be completed in a fraction of the time. The Wizard is small on frustration and labour costs, and big on efficiency and job satisfaction.

Who should be using the Wiremate Wizard?

Installation electricians, tv, telephone, alarm, intercom, building automation technicians.
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